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AquaReturn has already saved liters of water.

Save money effortless.

AquaReturn is a small and with easy placement electric appliance which prevents water loss by waiting until it gets warm enough.

Save 10,000 liters of water per person per year.

Aquareturn is design for being used in installations with heater, thermo or individual boiler.

347VAT included


AquaReturn warns you when the water is warm enough without spilling a drop.


Antonio Torres

Since I have installed Aquareturn, my shower has become more comfortable because  we I go to shower the water is already warm and I don’t splash myself with cold water.

The saves I’ve made are bigger than the ones said in the data sheet, because it took me more than 4 minutes for my water to get warm enough. The feeling one has when he stops wasting water is really satisfactory and you feel that you are helping protect the environment.

Carmen de Chavera

We installed Aquareturn three years ago and know it seems essential. Even more than for the money and energy save, Aquareturn compensate us for the water we save each year and now we are conscious of how many liters of water we have wasted each day of the year.We call it “the invention” and we even open it in the bathroom only to get hot water without wasting it in the kitchen.

Thanks a lot!

Fernando Martínez Soro

Aquareturn, is an awesome innovation and should be required in every house, it meets all requirements demanded right now, from the point of view of the care of the earth, it saves drinkable water, saves energy and increases comfort

Artiaga Jorda’s Familiy

We have been Aquareturn users for two years and we are delighted.

Apart of the considerable water and energy save, you appreciate it when you don’t have it, it is the comfort of opening the shower faucet and have hot water instantly. We are a large family and Aquareturn is helpful in every way. In a world so concerned about the environment, Aquareturn should be imposed as a imprescindible element in every house and establishment were hot water is used in a daily basis.

Raquel Muñoz

Aquareturn is an appliance that doesn’t take space and makes you savel lots of water and energy. And I also save my valued time because I don’t wait for the hot water to come. I optimize my time which for me is very important and my water and energy bill is immensely reduced. What else can I ask for?

Enrique Rodríguez

quareturn is ahead of its time giving solution to the water saving whose need is more and more patent worldwide, the concept of a small manageable appliance that minimizes installation difficulties is another of its great advantages, in addition to the small size it occupies so that it can be installed in a small space.

In conclusion, Aquareturn is a product well conceived and well developed, with a great future.

9 out of 10 of our clients recommend it.

* Based in a servey done to our clients after one year of use.


Aquareturn detects the temperature at which water travels through the hot water pipes.  If it is lower than 35ºC, the appliance impulses the water through the cold water pipe to the water boiler.

With AquaReturn, only hot water will come out of the hot water tap.

One Aquareturn will work in every tap located in the bathroom.

Saving estimate

IIntroduce the number of people living in the house and the time taken for the hot water, not tempered, since you open the tap.

In addition to the water savings achieved, we also achieve savings in thermal energy, since we do not spill warm or lukewarm water until it arrives hot, which means a greater economic saving than that achieved with water.

The fact of saving 23% of the water in your home supposes, in addition, a reduction of the expenses of pumping in your building.

The estimated water saving in your house by installing AquaReturn is liters per year *

The estimated energy savings in your home by installing AquaReturn is per year

The estimated water savings in your home is per year

*Data extracted from the National Association of Water Managers.

A responsible water consumption, benefits the environment, benefits all of us.

With AquaReturn we have already prevented
the emission of Kg. of CO2
and the consumption of KWh
in the integral water cycle.


A stool with a book on top
110 o 240V according to version
from 50 to 60 Hz
114 W
Power at rest
1 W
Work pressure
1 – 8 Atm.
3,4 Kg.

AquaReturn also saves energy

AquaReturn consumes only 3 euros per year around 4% of the thermal energy that saves.


The installation of Aquareturn is simple and does not require work. In most cases a spanner is enough.
It is installed in the bathroom interspersed between the hoses and the faucet of the sink. Its effect extends to all hot water outlets in the bathroom and to those between it and the boiler.

Is installed under the lavarory or the kitchen sink.


Technical reports and awards

  • Premio 2017 Waterwise
    Cámara de los Lores – Londres
    Finalista premio ONU AGUA
    Nueva York
    Premio Mejor producto 2014
    Eurobrico cadenas de distribución
    Cámara de Comercio
    Premio ECOFIN 2014 Productos y Servicios
    Premio INNOVA AQUAE 2014
    Presidente de AGBAR
  • Premio BBVA “Mejor producto de venta y distribución 2013”
    Premio Garrigues “Sostenibilidad y Medio Ambiente 2012”
    Ministro de Agricultura Medio Ambiente y Alimentación
    Premio Desafío XXII Innovadores 2012
    Premio Mejores ideas 2012
    Premio CEEI 2011
    Centro Europeo de Empresas Innovadoras
    Premio Everis 2011
    Ministra de Ciencia e Innovación
    AquaReturn is a product awarded in many occasions for protecting the environment and your wallet.
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