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Installing AquaReturn, should the heater of my house or the pipes meet any special requirements?
No, it uses the water heating system that you have at home and with only one device placed under the sink, it serves all the faucets in the bathroom. It can not be installed in homes with a community boiler.
Do I need to call a plumer or can I install Aquareturn myself?
AquaReturn is easy to install. Follow the instructions and use the template included in the product packaging.
Where in the water circuit should I install Aquareturn?
Ideally, AquaReturn should be installed under the washbasin in the bathroom furthest away from the boiler, as this is where it takes longest for hot water to flow and so is where most water is wasted. When the appliance in this bathroom beeps, hot water will be instantly available from any other hot-water tap in the home. AquaReturn can also be connected to bathroom stopcocks.
How much space do I need to install Aquareturn?

The appliance measures 21.8 cm x 13 cm x 10.6 cm.

To install the appliance on top of the shut-off valves under your washbasin, we recommend free space of at least 19 cm between the shut-off valves and the underside of the washbasin. There should also be free space of at least 14 cm between the back wall (where the shut-off valves are located) and the washbasin drain pipe. If the appliance does not fit under the washbasin it can be installed to one side (vertically or horizontally).

How long is the power cable?

The AquaReturn power cable is 2 metres long.

What if my electrical socket is too far away?

Since the appliance is designed to work in a wet location, for safety reasons we recommend using an earthed extension cable.

Can Aquareturn be installed by the boiler and so service the entire house?

The appliance is specifically designed to be installed under a washbasin or sink, where it will ensure maximum water and energy savings. It can be installed by the boiler or water heater but the hot water leaving the boiler will pass through pipes that are still cold, which means that the savings are less than if the appliance is installed under a washbasin or sink.

Does my boiler or wáter heater need to meet any specific requirements?

AquaReturn is designed to save water in homes and is easily installed under the washbasin in your bathroom. Since it is attached directly to the washbasin flexible connectors and is plugged into an electrical socket, the type of boiler or water heater is not important. So the simple answer is no, your boiler or water heater does not need to meet any specific requirements.

Can Aquareturn be installed if I have a comunal domestic hot-water installation?

The appliance is not designed to work with communal boilers (for regulatory reasons) and so can only be installed in homes that have their own boilers or water heaters.

Does each bathroom need a separate appliance?

Ideally, the AquaReturn appliance should be installed in the bathroom where hot water is used most frequently, above all in homes with several floors or where bathrooms are far apart. The appliance can, however, be installed in the bathroom furthest from the boiler. When the device beeps, there will be hot water in all the other bathrooms in the same circuit.

Does each tap need a separate appliance?

No, installing a single appliance under the washbasin will serve for all the hot-water taps in the bathroom.

Can it be installed over the keys cut general bathroom?

With the current design of the device that is not possible without modifying the installation.

What if I did not have keys under the sink?

If the hoses of the tap do not go to a cutting key, but go directly to the wall, it can be placed under the sink following the instructions that we indicate below:

  1. Buying two 50 cm hoses is usually appropriate and is almost always 3/8 male to 3/8 female (to put them from the wall to the AquaReturn water inlet).
  2. Cut the water from the general cutting keys of the bathroom.
  3. Open the faucets below the bathroom, so that the water from the pipes comes through them.
  4. Release the hoses from the wall (they are almost always 3/8 too). Some water will come out, so you need to have a cloth and a bucket ready.
  5. Place the equipment on a shelf or hang it (using the template included in the instructions of the product), where it does not bother opening and closing the doors or drawers.
  6. Place the hoses that come out of the faucet at the exit of AquaReturn, tightening lightly without beating or twisting the tubes. Left, hot water. Right cold water.
  7. Place the purchased hoses, which will go from the wall to the AquaReturn water inlet (Observe the indicator arrows, which are behind the equipment). Left of hot water. Right of cold water.
  8. Open the faucet of the sink and then the general valves of the bathroom, for 10 seconds to purge the air that they will have picked up.
  9. Close the sink tap.
  10. Plug in AquaReturn, which after 5 seconds of operating its switch will be ready to work.


What happens to the wáter that doesn’t flow from the tap?

AquaReturn establece un circuito cerrado en el que el agua que circula por la tubería del agua caliente, si su temperatura es inferior a 35ºC, es desviada, a través de una electroválvula, hacia una bomba que la inyecta en la tubería de agua fría, para que vuelva a entrar en la caldera, por lo que el agua está recirculando hasta que alcanza la temperatura de consumo. De esta manera, el dispositivo evita que el agua salga por el grifo mientras no esté caliente, evitando el desperdicio de litros y litros de agua y mucho gas o electricidad.

How much electricity does Aquareturn itself use?

The appliance consumes practically no electricity when at rest (0.6 W/h, less than €1 per year). In the seconds or minutes when water is recirculating, consumption is 124 W/h. This represents an electricity cost of just 6.8 eurocents per 1,000 litres of water saved.

What is the lifetime of the appliance?

AquaReturn is a high-quality appliance which should last for at least 10 years. In accelerated ageing tests its useful life was 25 years.

Is there any increased risk of Legionella from Aquareturn?

Legionella bacteria only develop in systems that continuously recirculate water over several days, in contact with air and at ideal bacteria breeding temperatures (more typical of hospital, hotel and gymnasium installations).

AquaReturn recirculates warm or hot water for just a few minutes at a time. As soon as the temperature reaches 35.5ºC, the water is no longer pumped back to the cold-water pipe. Any hot water remaining in the pipes rapidly cools down to room temperature again. The risk of Legionella bacteria forming in a cold-water pipe with AquaReturn is exactly the same as in a hot-water pipe without AquaReturn, i.e., zero.

In fact, precisely because there is no risk, European and Spanish regulations exempt domestic systems like AquaReturn, water return systems, etc. from Legionella controls. No cases have been reported of Legionella caused by a domestic system.

How much water does Aquareturn save?

El ahorro final depende de varios factores, como son el uso diario de agua caliente en el hogar (si es sólo para la ducha, si se friegan los platos a mano, etc.), el número de personas que conviven, el tipo de vivienda (piso, unifamiliar o vivienda aislada) y también de la zona en la que está ubicada la vivienda. Ya que el agua de acometida en un pueblo de Guadalajara está a menor temperatura que la de Murcia, por ejemplo. Y esto incidirá en la cantidad de agua que se desperdicia desde que se abre el grifo hasta que sale caliente.

Pero dicho esto, los cálculos realizados con el uso de AquaReturn, teniendo en cuenta todas estas variables, dan como resultado un ahorro medio de 28 litros de agua por persona al día. Es decir, 10.000 litros de ahorro por persona al año.

What if we have installed an individual solar captor for each neighbour in the roof of the building

In those homes that have a solar collector to heat the water, AquaReturn is an additional advantage when it comes to save water and thermal energy. In fact, in the long distances in the route to the collector and back, lot of time is lost and therefore water too, until it arrives warm.

The pump that takes AquaReturn, is used only to overcome the losses of load (rubbing) inside the pipes, on the way back to the boiler.

Raising the water, does not suppose a great overexertion, since the same volume of water, that rises towards the collector, is compensated with the volume of water that goes down from it towards the heater. The pump only has to overcome the “effort” to move the water inside the pipes and the collector. Logically, the longer the pipes and the greater the number of collectors, the greater the load loss, but not the effort of raising it, since lifting / lowering acts as “communicating vessels”. The water will take longer to travel the circuit, the greater the distance, but in this time water will not be lost. In this regard, we recommend, if there is a flow control valve, that it be opened to the maximum to avoid “brakes” when the water passes.

For the same reason, Aquareturn is valid to be installed in 4-story bungalows…


How much does Aquareturn cost?

This product retails for €297 including VAT and delivery. This price applies to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. For the Canary Islands and Ceuta and Melilla, you have to send an email to atencionalcliente@aquareturn.com.

Where can I buy Aquareturn?

AquaReturn is on sale from the official website and from participating establishments, authorised distributors and our network of participating retailers.

Can I buy Aquareturn in my country?

AquaReturn is available for sale in Spain and abroad. However, please note that delivery is only free within Spain and that deliveries abroad will carry an additional delivery charge. Note also that the current appliance can only be used in countries whose voltage is 220V-240V/50Hz. A new model suitable for other voltages will shortly be launched onto the market.

How can I become an Aquareturn distributor?

If you are interested in becoming an AquaReturn distributor, click on the distributors’ tab on this page and send us an email with your details. We will respond directly. You can also telephone us at (+34) 965 633 353.

What if I am not satisfied with the product?

There is a 15-day trial period from the date of purchase. If you are not completely satisfied with the product you can return it within this period free of charge (using MRW delivery services) and we will issue a refund. Simply send an email to our customer services department indicating the reason you wish to return the appliance.

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